Calida and Dinah Salazar

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Have you been Jobbed?  As in the biblical figure who suffered every imaginable personal catastrophe possible.  As his faith was tested, he lost his family, home, livelihood, and more.  In the end, he held on to the most important thing, his faith.  Even before my mom was diagnosed, we used to joke that we had been “Jobbed” every time something went awry, which seemed to be frequently.  For Christmas, the year before the cancer, I got her a Job action figure.  Complete with sores and tattered clothing, he certainly looked the part.  Meant to be a silly joke, he quickly became a symbol of our sense of humor and our faith.  From the time of diagnosis, Job became our constant companion, our mascot.  From radiation therapy to Disney World, Job went everywhere with us.  The long days sitting with mom in the infusion center as poison slowly attacked her cancer were made a little happier by the presence of our friend sitting on the IV cart.  He became such an uplifting conversation starter that we bought on for the infusion center.  Sitting on the counter, they affectionately named him G.I. Job.  Job has remained a symbol of faith and the ability to find the silly in most any situation.  He sits on my desk and makes me smile, as he did through many trying times.  If Job survived everything that was thrown at him, then I certainly can!


  1. Wow. Very well written, Calida. I think I remember the Job action figure, by the way.

  2. How could anyone forget Job! I think I can almost hear my mom laughing about this post :) Thanks Bart.