Calida and Dinah Salazar

Sunday, August 29, 2010


28 years ago today I came into this world, and apparently I have been talking ever since.  At least that’s what my mom always said.  A few years ago I was looking through my rather sparse baby book and noticed that “everything” was scribbled in under the category of first word.  When I asked my mother what that meant she said from the moment I was born I was talking and I said everything.  Adorable as that explanation may be, I think it more likely that she forgot to write it down.  I am the second child after all, there are no empty spaces in my brother’s baby book.  That’s okay though,  while my first word may not be recorded, all the rest are.  While unearthing the relics of my youth, I also came across my dictionary.  Yes, MY, dictionary.  Not the traditional Webster’s, rather Calida’s, filled with my invented words.  Here is a selection of my favorite terms:
 Floop (v) - To hurt someone’s feelings. (ex)  You flooped me when you called me names.
Operations (n) - Uncooked corn kernals. (ex) Put the operations in the boiling water to cook for dinner.
Glitter (n) - Litter, trash in the streets. (yes I know this one is kind of obvious, but the world would be so much sparklier if it were glitter)

I have no idea where these words came from, considering they emerged from my vocabulary before the age of five, I am guessing my imaginary friend Anarinnah may have been the source.  So it doesn't really matter where the words came from or which came first.  She always encouraged me to think and live expressively, and for that I am grateful.  Thanks Umma!

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