Calida and Dinah Salazar

Monday, September 6, 2010


My mother was a veteran of the United States Air Force.  That is where she met my father who also served.  I remember learning this fact as a child. My first thought was, “wait, what do you mean she was in the Air Force, she’s my mom.”  A stay at home mom for my whole life, I guess I thought that is what she had always done.  The next thought was how cool that made her.  My parents had the strong work ethic and desire to help others that led them both to serve.  I watched my brother join the Marines, and was never  more proud of him.  Two years later, with the same desire to help others and to be part of something bigger, I joined the Air Force as my parents had.  It was ten years ago today that I arrived at basic military training.  Each day was a struggle, but more powerful than the physical exhaustion and pain was the immense sense of connection I felt.  To be doing push ups and practicing drills where my parents had felt sacred.  We are a family of veterans, we all have an understanding of what that life is like.  Each time I place my hand on my heart for the National Anthem I feel honored to be part of that tradition, and I feel closer to my family.  We are not only connected in blood, but also in service.


  1. I remember being at your graduation here at you?I also remember talking to your mom when you joined and how proud we were of you...we tlaked often about you and wanted the best for you and most of all...for you to be happy....

  2. Your mom and I served together while stationed in Germany. We met in Oct 1975 and were room mates the majority of our tour. We had a lot of fun. We even took tours to Switzerland, Munich and enjoyed the wine fests all over the country. I did the driving because she didn't like driving on the "highway". At least, that's what she called the autobahn. We crocheted many afghans together and danced the night away at the NCO Club....I also new your dad. And when they started dating, we became the three musketeers....we visited castles and hung out, played cards....especislly spades and yahtsee...oh what wonderful memories...